Vyacheslav Boyko, Freie Universität Berlin

"What is .. dynamical system identification with FEM-BV-VARX?"

The system identification (SI) is applied as an alternative to the analytical modeling. The objective is to determine a mathematical model that is able to characterize the output dynamics induced by a given input. Depending on the data and the research task several questions can be answered. Is there a relationship between the variables, how can this relationship be quantified, what amount of output signal energy can be described by a specific input, what type of nonlinearity describes the system, can we predict the output and how accurate it will be, and etc.? In this context one important step is the parameter estimation. To accomplish this the FEM-BV-VARX method will be introduced. One of its strength is to solve the regression and classification task simultaneously, providing a solution as a set of systems operating locally in time.
The aim within this talk is to explain the general idea of SI starting from linear system theory, going to nonlinear-spatio-temporal SI and analysis. In case to be able to identify the letter one the theory, methods and examples are presented in a way, to give an idea of the iterative SI process, its difficulties and capabilities using FEM-BV-VARX.


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