Matthias Rosenau, Helmholtz Center, Potsdam  &  Martin Heida, WIAS Berlin

Matthias Rosenau: "What is ... Particle Image Velocimetry?"

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is a visualization method for quantitative flow and deformation analysis. PIV is a key method used in the experiments of project B01 and, in this framework, supported by the DFG by means of a 80 k€ infrastrutural investment. PIV is based on digital image correlation and signal processing techniques. The output is basically a velocity field, in case of project B01, that of an experimentally simulated earth surface during earthquake cycles. I will give a quick overview of technical issues and applications.

Martin Heida: "What is ... GENERIC?"

We give a short introduction into the fundamental idea of the "General Equation for the NonEquilibrium Reversible-Irreversible Coupling", called GENERIC, and apply it to gain new insights into the well-established model of rate-and-state friction in geology.

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